About Our Services

At Steven Norris Photography,  We are a Locally Owned small business….That specializes in Quality Photography, presented in a Friendly, Personable and Affordable Format.

​We have been providing Photographic Services for almost 20 years to a variety of Clients including Newspaper, Magazine, Commercial, Educational, Private Groups, Couples and Individuals.

​We are available for a Variety of Your Needs.

…The Diverse Level of Our Ability to capture Your Style and Personality, IS our Style!

· Family


Creating Lasting and Wonderful relationships with Clients and Industry Professionals could be considered to be one of our greatest goals. It is uplifting to know (from our experience) that lifelong friendships are often a result of our Work and Talent.

Nurturing Great Relationships with local Event Planners, Influencers and Model Industry Professionals is Super Important to us. There is no better way to know the advanced trends and techniques that always seem to be in development in the various Photography Industries. These relationships are often established and strengthened at local vendor shows and events.

Wedding Planners, Caterers, Bands, DJ’s, Videographers, Interior Decorating and Design Professionals, Photo Editors, Publishers, Venue Vendors, Florists, Make-Up Artists, etc. etc…The list goes on and on. As a photographer, it is Essential to knowing Who they are and How to work with them. Next to your own preferences and input, we happen to think that this is Really Important to the Fulfillment of Your Vision of what Your Needs or Day Should Be.

As Professionals helping other Professionals,  Ensuring all that goes down smoothly in the planning of Your Project or day (and more), is what we are here for.

​Yes. We have been known to move furniture, carry boxes of flowers, food prep items and even cases of wine to help make sure Your Day is Perfect For You!

Lifestyle Portraits and Images (We Travel!)

For Weddings and Engagements…We highly encourage you to take advantage of the Value that is realized by taking advantage of the inclusion of the Engagement Session Features in your Wedding Photography Investment Plan that can be discussed in your initial Planning Session.

You. Our Clients

We think the process of capturing great images includes Initially, Getting to Know You. This is an important event for us to get to know each other and further enhances our Ability to “connect” with you and your vision through our viewfinder.

With this opportunity. It also helps tremendously in helping you to Enjoy one of the Biggest Days of Your Life.

It is sometimes difficult to explain the chemistry of exactly how this “connection”occurs. But like making an electrical and eclectic connection, It is always immediately apparent to us. This moment oftentimes occurs first.. during that initial contact between us.

Thoreau described this connection well with his famous statement that went..

“It is Not what you Look at that matters..Rather, It is What you See”


This ability, in return, will produce a Story-telling Image or an Intimate Portrait of You, Your Vision,  and the other Personalities that will be a Lasting Part of Your Day..

It is all a part of having YOUR Project or Your Day be as close as possible to Your Vision of What it should be.

A Creativeness that Communicates Your Own Unique Personality and Style,  Is… Our Greatest Strength.

From Stylized sessions with Glamour, Lights and Action, to Journalistic Type Encounters with an “Edgy” Look, To the Private and Most Intimate Moments of Your Special Day, There are as many different styles of event images as there are personalities.

· Private & Corporate Parties, Gatherings and Promotions

We absolutely love New and Different Ways of Envisioning Your Needs and are consistently aware of our task of endeavoring to capture “The Decisive Moment”

Every client is Unique in our vision. And we think their photos should convey that story.

We are proud of the fact that we are not limited to just one “style” of Photography. For us, it is not what We happen to think that style should be, simply because of accepted industry Standards and Practices or because “that’s the way everyone else does it”.

Ours is an open-minded approach to whatever is needed or desired. It is our wonderful challenge and ultimate goal to see to it that the desires of our Clients are translated into their own personal visions and style.

We Approach the Creation of Your Images in Multiple Ways.

 We never stop learning new techniques and devote a considerable amount of our time toward further development of our craft by maintaining active memberships in National and State level Photographic Organizations that enable us to stay on the cutting edge of Industry practices and Photographic Design. Attending Seminars, Workshops, State and National Conventions help us to learn from the very best in the industry and gives us an opportunity to Learn and Shoot alongside the Very Best Photographers in the World.

 The gear that we use is of the Highest Professional Caliber that is obtainable in the world today. The Methods and Equipment that we employ will help us to produce the finest vision of you and/or the ones you love. We will never compromise that vision to anything less than the very best digital technology that is available.

We accept that we will never see the day when we consider ourselves too experienced or too authoritative to learn from the world around us.

Our experience spans many years and many different types of Photography and Photography related Genres.

Weddings, Engagements, Portraits, Commercial Industry, Journalistic, Professional Models, Advertising, Travel, “Painting” with Light, and College and K1-K12 Level Sports are among the many Genres of Photography we have experience with.

Commercial Industry

Travel and Wall Art Prints

Wall Art, and Interior Decor Print Needs in a Variety of Formats

Model Shoots and Promotion

Equine & Pets


Albums, Photo Books, Calendars and more!

This experience has given us the rare ability to offer our clients a product in the style that they desire.

Workshops and Instruction

Landscape, Model and Street Photography Workshops

With the Experience mentioned above, coupled with a Background in Photography Instruction thru Formal Educational Classes for Students, Conducting and Directing local workshops and Hundreds of Personal projects and Self-Assignments, the Ultimate Goal of providing you a quality work of art is realized

Professionalism, Friendliness and Affordability

Our Talent and Ability is Very Important to Us. We treat it and the opportunity to be your photographer with the Utmost Respect and Honor. Our Integrity depends on it. We have found that Friendliness, Kindness and Courtesy go a long way in times of Happiness, Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Extremes.

We have constructed our price structure to assure most Everyone an Opportunity to possess Quality, Affordable and Professional Images. We have shot Elopements, Travel Images, Industrial Projects, Portraits, Family Affairs and Huge Productions for all Personal and Corporate Expense and Income Levels at many different Venues, Multi-Cultural Events and Geographical areas around the Country. Our Experience and Flexibility in capturing images from a wide array of Different Age Groups, Ethnicities, Lifestyles, Backgrounds and Personalities is Invaluable to Us, And Your Satisfaction.

We ask that you Give US the Responsibility. We would really like to be YOUR Photographers!


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