NEW! Announcing Our Brand New Adobe Portfolio Is Now LIVE!

We’ve been Busy!

In the Photography business, to display a wide range of genres is usually not a good idea as far as marketing your business and skills. It is widely thought that “branching out” into other types of Photographic work just confuses folks and Customers. I mean Really…What Bride in her right mind would select a Photographer for her Special Day with an Online Presence that displays the years of work he has done in multiple other genres of the art? See where this could be confusing?

Naturally, this prevents a problem when trying to sell oneself and one’s skill in online media. For the aforementioned and established “Brick & Mortar” guys, the issue is usually solved by inviting a potential client to their “5th Avenue Business Estate”. There, a range of work can be displayed in a variety of ways in all it’s Splendor and Glory. With Wine no less.

While this doesn’t present much of a problem to those long-established, or High End (read Expensive) Photography Shops, it does cause concern to the “Smaller Guys” who have spent years perfecting their craft and wish to reach a wide variety of clients through mainly digital and “word-of-mouth” advertising. A craft that is not just a business, but one they are obviously in Love with, evidenced by their photographing everything in sight, and finding Images where none obviously exist to the unpracticed eye.

There are Hundreds, if not Thousands of us who practice this craft out of a Genuine Love for capturing Quality Images instead of trying to figure out how many sessions we can sell. Or worrying about what kind of wine should be served to “loosen up” the customers as they sit back in the plush leather comfy chairs as high-end expensive album samples cross the table between us.

Believe me, I’ve rubbed elbows with these Professionals at trade shows, and professional organizations. Through the years, “how-tos” and expensive training on this very subject of Marketing has been taken to staggering heights. This, rather than “Talent Development”, has a lot to do with the price you pay for your photographs in the end.

Ok. If you’re still with me here, Let me explain how Adobe’s exceptional Engineers have so brilliantly provided a solution to help solve this confusion.

Inside of My Portfolio, You will find Galleries that span Our Complete range of work. From Industry, Business and Transportation all the way to Children, Pets, Lifestyles, Family Events and Travel.

Each Gallery contains a small number (about 20) of our Images that adequately display our Talent and Style.

Need a headshot for a Business Profile?

Offices, and Businesses like to display Local Scenes because it portrays them as a member of the community they serve.

How about a nice Landscape for your playroom or den? Maybe an Outdoor Family picture for your Living Room is what you have in mind. Or just Maybe.. You might want a few shots of your oldest in action at His or Her next home game.

By clicking on the Gallery of your choice (they’re labeled), You will save time without having to filter through Images you don’t have any Interest in. We also have the ability to “share” individual Galleries with you or someone you choose. This way of providing to you our Talent and Range also saves You and Us, Time & Money. Which in turn allows most any small budget to have access to quality photographs.

Whether you see something you just “like” and would like to purchase or get an idea for your own shoot, either way.. We both win. You get great photographs and I get to spread the Love.

Look through a variety of images that I promise won’t leave you bored or tire you out and become comfortable with our talent.

If you like something that you see, contact us with your project or Photographic needs. There’s a really good chance we’ve been there before and know our way around.